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Institut Hiscia

Viscum therapy in animals

The Viscum-Vet Group is represented by veterinary scientists at Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick, Switzerland. The Group consists of 3 vets. It is supported by Verein für Krebsforschung (Institut Hiscia) and  Weleda Switzerland in Arlesheim.

The team is co-operating with veterinarians, manufacturers and other experts from Switzerland, Germanym Austria, France, Italy, and Brasil. This international community is meeting twice a year for an intensive exchange of experiences and research results. This ensures quality progress in veterinary viscum therapy. 

Currently, the group is working on Equine Sarcoids in horses and asses, skin tumors in cats and mammary tumors as well as other malignant tumors in dogs. A short information on viscum therapy you will find here:download (121.2 KB). (currently in German, coming soon in English).

Special informations for owners and vets you will find in our special section, very soon.